Center for Asbestos Safety

Safety In The Workplace

The United States cares about its citizens and particularly its workers. That is why it mandates that every worker work in an environment that is safe. When you think of a safe environment that is safe for the American worker, most people assume that this environment is clean. A safe work environment does not need repairs – things that could pose risk to the employees that work there. Also, a safe work environment is properly labeled so that employees know what to do in case of an emergency. A safe work environment is also free from toxins. Many of us assume this last part is a given. Who would want to work in an environment that has toxins present? Unfortunately, many people are working everyday in toxic environments. 

These environments contain a dust fiber known as asbestos. Many environments have been rid of the hazard; however some areas, including schools still contain the toxin. For those who have been exposed, they are at risk for developing a serious form of cancer known as mesothelioma. Because of our knowledge of this disease, today many people are less at risk on the job. However, many people who worked in areas several years ago where asbestos was present are being diagnosed with this condition. While exposure for some individuals cannot be prevented, other workplaces can do their part to rid their environments of this toxin and ensure their workplace is safe.

Center for Asbestos
Safety in the Workplace